Product Range

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  • Solid Slip-On Straight Blade
  • Casing Centralizers
  • Solid Slip-On Spiral Blade Casing Centralizers
  • Intercasing Type Centralizers
  • No-Squeeze Tornado Up-Jet Centralized Float Shoes And Collars
  • Silver Bullet Float Shoes, Collars and Reamer Shoes
  • Bi-Centered Float Shoes, Collars & Inline Type Centralizers
  • Sand Screen Centralizer
  • Solid Centralizer Placement
Product Range

The centralized Up-Jet Float equipment, includes the industry-famous Silver Bullet Float Shoe, as used in the world’s most hazardous wells.
The Silver Bullet Float Shoe has proved its worth in many hundreds of horizontal wells throughout the world, saving operators a considerable amount of time and money.