Calmusindo Energy Services

Calmusindo was established in 1994 and provides rigs, personnel and integrated services to the Oil & Gas Industry. The company was incorporated in Indonesia and is part of a group which has SCDC / DIETC of China holding 25% ownership through its International Trading Company, BOAO Jingjiang.

SCDC / DIETC control all manufacturing plants in Szechuan Province, which is one of the main oil & gas regions of China. This enables Calmusindo to operate internationally, providing not only skilled services as a Drilling Contractor and/or Integrated Services group, but also sales of oilfield equipment and engineering services covering the whole oil and gas industry spectrum.

Many Drilling & Workover Rigs ranging from 150HP to 3000HP, BOP Systems, Mud pumps, Tubulars (including drill pipe, BHA equipment and casing) have been, and are now, being built in the groups factories in Southern China for international clients (including US and Canadian companies), all with API, DNV and ISO certified components.

The Calmusindo group has operations in China, Indonesia, Thailand, PNG, Malaysia and is now pre-qualified to receive tenders in Sultanate of Oman, Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Other countries such as Libya, Yemen and Sudan we are in the process of pre-qualification at this time.